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  • Freshly Roasted Papua Arabica Specialty Coffee

    Freshly Roasted Beans – Papua Arabica Specialty Coffee

    • 200 gram
    • 1000 gam

    Baliem Arabica Cooperative in cooperation with The Jakarta Coffee House (JCH) hereby presents “Freshly Roasted Papua Arabica Specialty Coffee” directly from the well-known Indonesia Roaster in Jakarta JCH.

    We only supply freshly roasted, which means, we Roast under order, and afterwards directly supplied to our customers.


    Papua Wamena Arabica Coffee is fruity aroma ,superb acidity, clean flavor with medium body. Right now we supply the following roasting size:

    • Coffee variety :         Arabica
    • Certification organic:         Organic  RA; CU
    • Grade ( export  grade)         Grade 1
    • Moisture :     Franchise 1 %           11  –  12,5 %
    • Volume: 200 gram
    • Price   F.O.B Sentani, Jayapura, Papua –

    We are Totally Organic, Our Farmers are anti-GMO

    • 100% Organic,
    • 100% Arabica,
    • 100% Single Origin
    • 100% anti-GMO
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    Papua Arabica Organic Coffee KSU Baliem Arabica, Wamena, Papua, Indonesia
    Fully Washed Papua Organic Arabica Green Beans (kg)
    NO: Description Type Specialty
    01. Coffee variety Arabica
    02. Certification organic organic  RA
    03. Grade ( export  grade) Grade 1
    04. Moisture /Kadar Air Franchise 1 % 11  –  12,5 % ,
    05. Volume Offer to small0=-sized company
    06. Packing plastic bag
    07. Price F.O.B Sentani – The price per kg has been agreed between KSU, BaliemBlueCoffee production and as the distributor.
    08. Terms of Payment Payment before handling and sending is 50 % and then the remaing 50% can be paid after receiving the coffee, at least two days after the arrival of coffee. Payment should be made to
  • Green Beans Organic Papua Arabica Coffee

    All products are

    1. 100% organic
    2.  100% Arabica
    3.  100% Papua single origin (Wamena single origin, Tolikara Single Origin, Puncak Jaya Single Origin, Arfak Single Origin, dsb.)
    4. Sejak 2014 kami mengambil posisi menolak upaya modifikasi organisme terhadap genetika kopi, sehingga produk kami bebas dari GMO.
      Informasi selengkapnya tentang produk kami silahkan kunjungi:

    Tasting note: Choco-malt aroma with smooth, sweet flavor